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Media and technology companies need real-world advice that is reliable, verifiable, supportable, and tested. In addition to valuation analysis, Bond & Pecaro provides practical services in the areas of General Consulting, Property Tax Consulting, and International Consulting, which yield financial and strategic benefits to our clients.

Whether it is developing an international expansion strategy, deciding whether to construct a new facility, or measuring the risks and benefits of consolidation, the Bond & Pecaro team strives to provide client support that is unique in terms of its focus on important issues and its orientation toward building client value. As the communications, media, and technology industries evolve, Bond & Pecaro remains on the cutting edge of technical, economic, regulatory, and legal developments.

Business Plans

Bond & Pecaro provides business plans for clients in the media, communications, and technology industries.  Business plans may be developed for start-up opportunities, to expand existing product or service lines, to introduce new products and services, to expand into new market segments or geographic areas, to acquire and integrate new businesses, or to raise capital or financing.  Bond & Pecaro can develop a business plan for an owner or prospective owner that acts as a roadmap to help meet their goals for the business.  These plans can also be used to obtain equity investments or debt.  More information about our Business Plans is available by clicking here.

Feasibility Studies

Bond & Pecaro develops feasibility studies and economic analyses for start-up ventures. These studies include estimates of capital expenditures, investment recovery periods, and rates of return. Analyses of this type can be employed for the acquisition of an existing business which is in a turn-around situation, or which otherwise requires substantial capital infusion. Feasibility studies also analyze the economics of new services or technologies.  For more information about our Feasibility Studies, click here.

Property Tax Consulting

Bond and Pecaro is very active in the area of property taxation, particularly with respect to cable television. Among common issues are the amount of taxable property owned by a taxpayer and the fair market value of that property. By inspecting and documenting the amount, nature, and condition of taxable property present at a communications business, the Bond & Pecaro staff is able to present pertinent evidence and render informed opinions in assessment appeals hearings and other property tax litigation.

International Consulting

Bond & Pecaro offers assistance to domestic companies doing business abroad, as well as to foreign companies looking to do business in the U.S. and around the world, from developing feasibility studies for new television networks in Latin America to locating venture partners for new technology businesses in Europe and Latin America.

General Consulting

Bond and Pecaro's extensive financial and valuation experience in the communications, media, publishing, and technology industries provides the foundation for a number of different consulting services that are particularly important due to rapid technical, regulatory, and legislative changes. The company has been retained for many specialized consulting projects such as operations consulting, strategic consulting, economic trend analysis, negotiation assistance, litigation support, and rate analysis.