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Expert Testimony and Litigation Support

Supporting Clients in Complex Litigation Matters

Bond & Pecaro provides expert testimony and litigation support to clients and their attorneys in litigation matters. The firm's litigation services consistently have proven their value in today's litigious marketplace. As an example, Bond & Pecaro's management team acted as an expert witness and prepared a sophisticated damage analysis in a multimillion dollar lawsuit regarding a television tower collapse.

Expert Testimony

Bond & Pecaro has extensive experience providing expertise in legal proceedings. Members of the firm have provided litigation support and expert testimony in a wide variety of venues, including state and Federal courts, tax courts, mediations, assessment hearings, arbitrations, bankruptcy courts, and regulatory proceedings before the FCC and other government agencies.


To date, members of the firm have provided expert testimony in over 75 regulatory, tax, and civil cases. Bond & Pecaro has represented plaintiffs and defendants alike. We carefully protect our reputation for impartiality. As a result, we do not have a history of, or reputation for, favoring one particular type of litigant that may be used to imply bias before the Court.  For more information about Bond & Pecaro's Expert Testimony and Litigation Support services, click here.

Litigation Support

Similar to expert testimony, Bond & Pecaro’s principals have extensive experience providing counsel with valuation expertise in legal proceedings.  Members of the firm have provided litigation support to attorneys working in a wide variety of venues, including state and Federal courts, tax courts, mediations, and other legal proceedings.  Our in-depth knowledge of the media, communications, and technology industries provide the client’s legal team with valuable assistance in developing strategies that best represent and advance the client’s position in the litigation proceedings.

Property Tax Testimony

Members of Bond and Pecaro have provided critical testimony in property tax proceedings that have resulted in highly favorable outcomes for our clients.  We are very active in the area of property taxation, particularly with respect to cable television. Among common issues are the amount of taxable property owned by a taxpayer and the fair market value of that property. By inspecting and documenting the amount, nature, and condition of taxable property present at a communications business, the Bond & Pecaro staff is able to present pertinent evidence and render informed opinions in assessment appeals hearings and other property tax litigation.

Regulatory Support

Bond & Pecaro also has extensive experience providing expertise to companies involved in regulatory proceedings and filings.  Our substantial industry knowledge and the respect we have gained over the years for our fair-mindedness and thorough analyses can help the client’s attorneys make regulatory filings before the FCC, FTC, and other state and Federal agencies that provide strong, independent support for the client’s position.

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