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Leveraging Experience and Knowledge

Bond & Pecaro's staff has unparalleled experience in the media, telecom, publishing, and technology industries. They leverage their core expertise to provide information, valuations, and analysis for clients. They are also called upon frequently to provide their expertise to speak at conferences and create and publish White Papers.

The resource section of this Web site provides both clients and visitors with access to some of the firm's publications. In the White Paper section, you will find detailed papers on FASB Accounting Standard Codifications (ASC) that relate to valuation. In addition, there is A Short Course in Broadband Ownership Regulations and Anti-Trust Issues, as well as slide presentations from conferences.

In the Industry Links section, there is a selection of useful industry links to associations and information to enhance the reader's understanding of the media, telecommunications, technology, and publishing industries.
Information on Bond & Pecaro's industry presentations are available here.
In Focus items give Bond & Pecaro's viewpoints on important industry issues.