The Basis for Your Decisions

Fairness Opinions and Solvency Opinions

Bond & Pecaro can provide your company with a fairness opinion that provides an independent analysis of, and support to, a proposed transaction. These opinions are of a highly sensitive nature, and require careful attention to the relevant financial and operational aspects of the proposed deal. They can be performed on behalf of stockholders, investors, the company’s directors, or other interested parties. They can be required as part of related party transactions, restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, recapitalizations, and other corporate events.
Similarly, solvency opinions can be required for bankruptcy proceedings, collateralization of a loan, in cases where dividends are being declared, or for other reasons. These opinions require a detailed analysis of the subject company to determine whether the fair market value of the company’s assets exceeds its liabilities; whether the company is able to meet its debts and loan covenants; and whether the company has adequate capital or resources to meet its future needs. Bond & Pecaro can provide your company with an analysis that addresses these critical factors and withstands the high level of scrutiny that this type of document typically receives from the company’s Board of Directors, outside advisors, and investors.