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Machinery and Equipment Appraisals

Bond & Pecaro has a wide range of experience in appraising machinery and equipment for broadcasting, cable, telecommunications, publishing, and technology properties. Our staff includes an appraiser certified by the American Society of Appraisers to appraise machinery and equipment. The appraisal of machinery and equipment requires careful attention to detail and documentation. An accurate machinery and equipment appraisal includes an onsite inspection of the assets, as well as consideration of numerous factors such as assemblage, installation, and other elements of value. A determination is then made of appropriate depreciation and obsolescence factors to determine the value of the asset. Bond & Pecaro has successfully supported our appraisals of machinery and equipment to the IRS, auditors, tax authorities, and assessors on numerous occasions. Having a Bond & Pecaro appraisal of machinery and equipment can save significant time, effort, and money over the long term.